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Contact filtering (advanced search)


Search for contacts among your custom fields by adding different filters.
The premise is of course that you have uploaded or collected data about your contacts.

target your emails and text messages

  1. Go to Contacts up in the the black list
  2. Select the tab Contacts
  3. Click on the funnel icon to the right in the search box
  4. Select which custom field you want to use for your search
  5. Choose either “Contains” or “Doesn’t contain”
  6. Type your keyword in the text box
  7. Click on the turquoise “Add filter“-button

The result of your filtering is now displayed. If you want to add more filters, you can do so.
If you want to do a completely new filtering, you must first CLEAR this filter, that is, remove it.

You can export the result to Excel or export it to a new contact list.


I want to find all women among my contacts who live in Göteborg and were born in the 80s.
This gives three filters:

  • gender = woman
  • city = Göteborg
  • year of birth = 1980-1989

This is how I do it:

Click on the icon to the right in the movie to see the movie in larger format!

Here’s how to name your custom / personal fields »


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