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Add a map image from Google Maps to the event invitation


Update the event invitation with a Google Maps map of your event location.

The map can only be used in emails linked to an event with address information. Address information is automatically retrieved from event details “Where is the event?“.



  1. Select event and published. Open the event by clicking on the event name (turquoise) in the list.
  2. Select Communication in the left menu -> and open the invitation email by clicking on the name of the email.
  3. Have you not yet created an invitation email? See how to invite to events here.
  4. The email draft is now open in edit mode, event header, several dynamic placeholders that automatically pull information from event details appear in your draft.
  5. Select the block “Event map” under blocks in the right column, drag the block in and place it in the desired place in the draft.
  6. The block contains dynamic placeholders that automatically fetch destination address from event details to the Google Maps map.
  7. Save the draft and it is now complete.
  8. Preview the mailing how it will look to recipients by clicking the eye next to the email draft in communications or send yourself a test mailing. See here how to send a test mailing/test email.


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