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Add respondents to different lists depending on which option they selected



  1. Open the Settings of the survey (= the gear in the right column)
  2. Open Add respondent to contact list
  3. Click on the turquoise Add custom conditions-button
  4. First select which contact list the respondents should be added to (or create a new list)
  5. Then specify which question in the form it applies to.
    NOTE! Only questions that have answer options, ie check boxes and radio button questions can be selected!
  6. Select the option(s) that are relevant.
  7. Click on the turquoise Add-button
  8. If you are done – Close the window. Otherwise, you can set more conditions.
  9. Save.

When the survey is ready and published – please try that it works as you intended, ie fill in the questionnaire and check that if you answer this the contact ends up in the contact list x, if you answer that, the contact is added to the contact list y. When you are done testing, you can delete your test responses from the survey and delete your contact from the contact list.


When should I use this feature? Give me some examples!

  1. You have a registration form for a course that is arranged at several dates and you want the respondents to end up in different contact lists depending on the date they want to attend the course.
  2. You arrange an event where the participants can register for various workshops (fishing, turning and baking). Unfortunately, the fishing workshop must be canceled and you only need to contact the fishing participants.
  3. You have a registration form for an event and the form contains the question “Are you coming? Yes/No”. You want to add everyone who answers Yes in a “Participants”-list.
    (Why should I even ask the question “Are you coming? Yes/No”? Well, if the question is missing in the form and you automatically send out reminders to everyone who received the invitation mail but not yet signed up, even those who cannot/not interested in the event will receive reminders. If these contacts instead can answer No in the form, then these people do not get reminders of the event.)

But can’t I still see and produce this data anyway?
Of course you can – it is just to open the survey statistics, look up the question and “click on the bar”. Then you can export that data to a file or to a list. But you minimize some manual work if you instead let the respondents automatically be added to different contact lists depending on the options.

For example, if you want to automatically send a “tomorrow it is-sms/-mail to all registered” then you can set up this automation even before the questionnaire has been sent out.


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