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Received survey responses


show received responses to your survey

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You can see the responses received for active and ended surveys.

View received responses

  1. Go to Surveys and select either the Active or Ended tab
  2. Click on the survey you wish to view
  3. The answers from multiple choice questions and checkboxes are reported as bar charts. The bars are clickable if you want to see exactly who answered a certain answer (although this does not apply if the survey was anonymous).
  4. If you want to see received responses in a certain time interval, click Dates in the top right (for example, you want to see all who signed up last week for your event).

Export whole survey to excel

  1. Click the Export icon to the upper right
  2. Select Excel -> this will export all answers to the survey.

Export answers to a specific question to excel

  1. Open a particular survey question
  2. Click on Export-link to export to Excel.

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