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You can use barcodes for example Swish payment, adding a contact card to the recipient’s address book, a URL, a code, a membership number.

Click on the icon in the lower right to see the film in full screen mode!

  1. Drag and drop the barcode block somewhere in the email
  2. Click Replace under the barcode in the right column
  3. Choose which type of barcode you’d like to use: QR, Aztec, EAN-8 or EAN-13
  4. Enter the value the barcode should have. (Remove the pre-filled value “ungapped”.)
  5. Click on the turquoise Insert-button.
  6. Save.

The recipient uses the camera or a scanner app in her/his mobile phone to scan the code, or shows the email to some else who scans the barcode.


  1. A barcode counts as an image, and should therefore have an alternative text!
  2. If the recipient opens the email in a mobile phone it’s impossible for her/him to scan the barcode with her/his phone :). Therefore you can hide the barcode if the recipient opens the email in a mobile phone.


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