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Guestlist: Change the status of registered to attended


Why do I have to change the status of the registrants to attend the event’s guest list?

A “Follow-up Email” should be sent to everyone who attended the event with a presentation and evaluation. You have created follow-up emails in the communication in the event tool. But when you click send, there are no recipients in the segment?

The event tool automatically sends “Follow up” emails to the segment attended. So before the email can be sent, you need to change the participants’ presence in the guest list, otherwise the tool will not notice that there are any contacts to send to.


  1. Open event and tab “Guestlist
  2. Click in the “Status” checkbox above the list of participants.
  3. When “Status” is selected, all participants in the list are selected. And the button “Change accepted to attended” is displayed.
  4. Click “Change accepted to attended” and confirm OK. All participants are now updated to the status “Attended“.

When you now choose to click send in “Follow up” email, the number of recipients of emails matches the number of attended in the guest list.

Switch to another status, this is done one by one. Click on the text accepted next to the name in the guest list and select a new status in the drop-down menu that appears, see here.


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