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Changing the sender address of a mailing


The sender address is the inbox where reply emails will be sent if someone responds to your email. This is also where any “Out of office”-emails will end up. You choose the reply address you want to use.

  1. Open the mailing
  2. Open Settings in the right hand column
  3. Enter the reply address you want to use in the box titled Reply-to address
  4. Save your mailing
  5. This reply-to-address must first be verified before you can send your email.

change the sender address of a mailing

Some good advice

Avoid using a gmail-, hotmail, yahoo-, aol-address etc as the sender address, since it will increase the risk of your email getting stuck in spam filters.

Want to change the default sender address for your account?

If all new mailings should have a the same sender address it is better to change the sender address for the whole account »

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