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Bounced contacts


A bounced contact means that your mailings have not been delivered to the email address of the contact. When you send out a mailing the bounced (and unsubscribed) contacts are automatically removed from the mailing list.
Bounces are generally divided into two categories – soft or hard.

A soft bounce means that the mailing reaches the recipient’s mail server, but haven’t been delivered to the recipient’s inbox. This might be because:

  • their email server is overloaded
  • their inbox is full
  • there is another temporary error.

Hard bounces means that your mailings cannot be delivered at all. This might be because:

  • the email address is invalid, expired or has been removed
  • the email address is misspelled
  • the recipient’s email server is down or not responding.

restore a bounced contact

How do I reactivate a bounced contact?

  1. Locate the contact that has bounced
  2. Open the contact by clicking on the contact’s name
  3. Click Restore underneath the contact’s email
  4. Save by clicking Close.

When you restore a bounced contact, the contact is only restored for future mailings. Old mailings are not resent again.

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