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You who have the AI ​​assistant can use it to translate surveys.
translate a survey with AI

  1. First complete the survey completely in one language
  2. Open the survey’s Settings in the right column
  3. Click the Translations-button
  4. Select the language, or languages, into which you will translate the survey
  5. Click on AI translate
  6. Close and save.

Now the AI ​​translation will begin, and when the survey translation is complete, you will receive a notification in the notification center at the bottom of the left menu.

NOTA BENE! Ungapped is not responsible for the accuracy of the translation.
Generally it is a very high quality, but sometimes you need to change some words and wording yourself.
We recommend that you ALWAYS review an AI-translated survey.

The AI ​​assistant is not included in any subscription, but is an add-on that is purchased separately and has a monthly cost.

For that monthly cost, 10M “tokens” are included.
Both the image generator, the text generator and “translate survey” are included in the AI assistant.
Once you have purchased the AI ​​assistant, the function is available on all accounts belonging to the subscription, and all users will have access to the function.

Contact support to get current pricing and order the function, or if you need to buy extra tokens.
Send an email to, call +46 8 410 413 13 or use the chat in the platform.


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