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Compilation of e-mail statistics


See compiled statistics on your sent mailings. Choose to see a statistic above all mailings or after a specific search. You can search and filter your search through tags, subscriptions, sender address and postdate.

Click on the icon at the far right of the movie above to watch the movie in full screen mode. The film has no sound.

  1. Select Mailings and Sent Mailings.
  2. Click on “Show summary statistics”
  3. The searched statistics are now displayed at the top of the sent list. It shows the statistics of all sent mailings.
  4. If you want to filter your search -> under Date and the filter funnel in the search box at the top of the page.
    Date -> Filter on a date interval, day, week Month etc
    Filter funnel -> Filter by Tags, Subscriptions, Sender Address.
  5. The filtered search is updated directly in the displayed statistics displayed, and comparisons can be made between periods etc.

The statistics show:

Dispatch = The number of selected exquisite dispatches.
Recipients = The total number of recipients for selected mailings.
Unique recipients = The total number of unique recipients for selected mailings.
Recipients per mailing = The average number of recipients per mailing.
Opened = The average opening frequency of the selected mailings.
Clicked = The average clickthrough rate for the selected mailings.
Bounced = The average bounce rate for the selected mailings.
Unsubscribed = The average unsubscribe frequency for the selected mailings.


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