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Delete answers to sensitive questions


The setting “Delete answers to sensitive questions” is only possible in the registration form linked to an event.
This is used for questions with sensitive personal information or health information that is collected before an event, such as food allergy issues etc. Information after a closed event does not need to be saved on the contact.

Sensitive information provided by the respondents is saved for 45 days and will then be deleted automatically. Important! The measure can not be undone.

Set “Sensitive questions” in the application form:

  1. Open the Registration Form during the event.
  2. Click on the name of the form -> and open it in edit mode.
  3. Click on the question block with sensitive question.
  4. Select Advanced in the menu on the right.
  5. Click and activate the “Sensitive question” button
    (Question is now marked with a black flag “Sensitive question” in the form)
  6. Save

The answers are saved for 45 days and are then deleted automatically if nothing else is set. If you want to change the number of days before deletion, change this under Account settings:

Change the number of days answers are saved

  1. Click on your name at the top right of the page -> Click again on account and account name
  2. Page Account opens
  3. Write the number of days data should be saved before deleting below “Retention settings“.

Account settings

Delete answers manually

  1. Open the Registration Form during the event.
  2. Click on the red button “Remove sensitive answers” -> and confirm deletion OK.
  3. Information are now deleted immediately and cannot be undone.

Confirm deletion



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