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Create pre-filled fields


pre-filled fields in a sign up form

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It’s possible to have certain input fields such as First Name, Last Name and Email pre-filled when a respondent accesses a survey. The contact’s information is taken from the Ungapped database and pre-entered into fields making it easier, faster and more convenient for your respondents to complete surveys.

Example: You want to mail a survey to with his email address already pre-filled. In your survey, select the email question and set email as the default value. When John opens the survey, his information will be taken from the Ungapped database and he will find his email already pre-filled. This is convenient for John and a happy customer for you!

PLEASE NOTE! If there is no data for a specific field (e.g. First Name) then that information won’t be shown in any pre-filled fields.

Choose default value for an input field.

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Create pre-filled fields

  1. Select the question you would like to be pre-filled
  2. In the editor to the right-hand side, select which data you would like to be retrieved from the database under the drop-down menu Default value.

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