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Create your own survey template


save as survey template

  1. Create a new survey by clicking Create up in the black bar and choose either from our library of free templates or from a previously created survey.

    Open an existing survey (if it’s a draft, scheduled, active or ended survey doesn’t matter).

  2. Design as you’d like (add for instance the company’s logo) and go to Design on the right hand side to open the design settings where you can edit things like background color, background image, width of the survey, font, font size, link colour, text colour, the appearance of the button).
  3. Click on Save as template on the right hand side.
    (Are you sure? –> OK.)
These settings are copied when you create a new survey based on a survey template:

  • Title (but the title of the new survey is prefixed with “Copy of -“)
  • Tags
  • Conditions
  • Dimensions
  • Connection to fields in the database
  • Confirmation-mailing and confirmation-sms
  • Settings for “Add respondent to contact list/-s”
  • Settings for sending email notifications
  • Setting for redirecting the respondent

Simply put – everything will be copied except the description. 🙂


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