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Text message statistics


The statistics show results for a text message.
If you want to export a list of the people who, for example, clicked on the link in the text message, and send a new text message to this group, you can easily do this.

You can see which recipients clicked on the link in a text message. Click on “Clicked” in the statistics and a list of recipients is displayed. You can now choose to export the list to “file” or “New list” if you want.

Clicked statistics show the recipients who clicked on the first abbreviated link in the mailing.
(Click statistics are only reported on links with link shortening.
If there are more links in the text message, it is only on the first link shortening in the text message and clicks that are reported in the statistics.)

SMS statistics

The statistics show:
Sent = contacts to whom the text message has been sent.
Pending = contacts to which a delivery is still in progress.
Received = contacts to whom the text message has been sent and who have not bounced.
Clicked = the contacts who clicked on links in the SMS.
Bounced = the contacts that bounced after dispatch.

Export list:
Click on a bar in the statistics -> when the list of contacts is displayed, select export at the top right of the page.
Now choose to export to File or New list.

Export list:


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