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Add an auto-response email


It’s possible to add an auto-response email that is automatically sent after a recipient completes a survey – perfect for confirmation-emails, welcome-emails or as a “Thank you”-mailing.


  1. The auto-response mailing you want to use must have been sent to at least one person (e.g. yourself). A draft mailing cannot be used as an auto-response email.
  2. In order for this function to work, the survey must contain an email-field + and this question must have Email as default value.


Add an auto-response mailing to your survey

  1. Open the survey which will include an auto-response email
  2. Open Settings in the right hand side menu
  3. Click on “Choose mailing” and select the email to be sent automatically after a survey is completed
  4. Save by clicking the save icon.

You do not need to have an auto-response email for all surveys.

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