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Create a new text message


create sms

Click on the image to open full screen!


  1. Create a new sms by clicking Create at the top, then choose Create new text message
  2. Give your text message a Name (this name will never be shown to the recipient, just those working from your Ungapped-account)
  3. Select which Contact list/s you will send to under “Recipients”
  4. Fill in the name or phone number of the Sender (you or your company).
    Note! The sender name is limited to 11 characters (including spaces) and cannot contain å, ä or ö.
  5. Write your text message in the text box on the right hand side
  6. Insert any custom fields you wish to use – click the plus sign
  7. Click on Send test to send a test-sms to yourself or your colleagues.
    Note! You also pay for the test text messages.
  8. When you are ready to send the text message, click Back and then Send. You will now see a confirmation page.
  9. Earlier bounced and unsubscribed text message contacts are automatically blocked and you will instead see the correct number of contacts that the text message will be sent to. You also see an estimation of how much the text message campaign will cost, and the pre-paid balance on your account. If the pre-paid balance is not enough to cover the estimated cost you’ll se a “Top up pre-paid”-link.
  10. Select whether to send the text message immediately or schedule for later
  11. Click Press and hold to send
  12. Statistics for text messages can now be seen under the sent tab.
    Note! Statistics for text messages can up to 48 hours.


  • The contact list/s you choose must contain cell phone numbers!
  • Maximum length for one text message is 160 characters – more characters then 160 counts and will be debited as multiple text messages.

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How much does it cost to send a text message (SMS)?

The text message (SMS) tool is included in all subscription types at no extra cost. Costs are incurred for sent text messages which vary depending on which country you send to. You can view our text message pricing here »


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