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Remind those who did not answer the survey


Surely it is annoying, and perhaps even confusing, to receive an “Do not forget to answer our survey” email when you have already answered the survey? So be sure to only send out the reminder email to those who have not yet responded to the survey!


  1. That you have sent an invitation from within the survey (if you have not received an invitation, you can not be reminded either)
  2. The survey is not anonymous (if it is an anonymous survey, Ungapped does not know who answered the survey, and thus not who did not answer the survey).


  1. Go to Surveys at the top of the black bar and the Ongoing tab and open your survey.
  2. Click “Send reminder“.
    (A prerequisite for you to be able to send a reminder is, of course, that you have first been invited to the survey.)
  3. Choose which email template you want to use for your reminder email, or which email you want to copy.
  4. Now click on the pink Send button and either send it out directly or schedule the reminder email to be sent later.

The reminder e-mail will, at the time of sending, be sent to those who have received an invitation to the survey but have not yet responded to the survey.
The contacts who have had time to answer the survey before the reminder email is sent will disappear from the recipient segment, and will therefore not receive the reminder email.

Under the Communication-tab inside your survey, you will see all emails sent, as well as upcoming scheduled emails.
You can also see your scheduled reminder e-mail under mailing -> and scheduled and there you can cancel a scheduled reminder e-mail.

A prerequisite for this to work is that the link in the invitation email is NOT anonymous, ie that you have not pasted the survey URL on the website tab, but that you have gone via the Survey tab to insert the link to the survey.

If you do not see any “Sources” tab in your survey statistics, you have sent out an anonymous survey. If it is an anonymous survey, the tool does not know who / who answered the survey, and thus also who / who has not yet answered the survey.



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