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Edit answer in event registration


It happens that registered participants need to change one or more answers in a registration. As an administrator in Ungapped, you can change answers through the guest list in the event.


  1. Be signed in to Ungapped
  2. Select event and published.
  3. Open the event by clicking on the event name (turquoise) in the list of published events.
  4. Select Guest list in the left menu on the event page.
  5. Click on the three dots to the right of the row for the participant whose answer is to be changed -> and select “Show answer“. (Editing page “Here are xxx answers to…” opens).
  6. Click on “Edit answer” and change the answer to one or more questions or add information to an unanswered question.
  7. Click “Save answer” to save a new answer. Select “Close” when you’re done.
  8. Answer has now been updated.

See edited answer:
Click on the three dots again on the row for the participant and select “Show answers“.
Information “Edited answer” is displayed under each question where an answer has been changed. The information shows who updated, when it was changed and the previously entered answer.

When exporting guest list – the edited answer will also be included.

If you edit an answer, only the answer is changed. Any contact details that have been linked will not be changed on the contact card. If a participant’s contact details need to be changed, click on “Show contact card” at the top of the page and update the details on the contact’s contact card.Resonses


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