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Share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


It goes without saying that the more readers your emails have, the greater the potential for impact. So to give readers the chance to share your mailings across social media is often a good strategy.

PLEASE NOTE! This manual is designed to help readers share emails within their own newsfeed and NOT for directing them to your company Facebook page.

  1. Drag and drop a share block into your email
  2. Click on one of links in the share block to edit
  3. Select an icon you want to use by clicking the icon drop-down menu
  4. Edit the link by clicking Edit link
  5. Select the actions tab
  6. Select which social share you would like to use
  7. Click insert
  8. Make sure the link text matches to the action you have selected
  9. To continue click Close in the editor
  10. To save, click the save icon above the preview and settings icon

Viewing sharing statistics

Once you have sent your mail to your contact list, you will be able to see how many of your recipients shared your mail. From your statistics dashboard, click on the social shares tab to see a breakdown of shares across each social network.



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