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Open the image library


An Ungapped account has a common image bank. (If you have a multi-account subscription, each account has a separate image bank.)
Whether you do an email, a survey or an event, it is always the same image bank. All users in the account have access to the image bank * and see the same images there.

You can open the image bank when you are in an email, survey or event, or you can open the image bank via the account settings.


  1. Click on your name at the top right of the black bar.
  2. Click on your name again or account name.
  3. The account settings will now open.
    At the bottom of the left column you will find “Image Library“.

TIP! Give images you upload in the image bank an image name for something good that can be searched for, and use tags to structure the image bank.

* = unless you have created an authorization where a certain role should not have access to the image bank.


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