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Create the event


Click the icon at the far right of the film above to open the film in full screen mode.
NOTE! It is not possible to register for an event before the event is published!

  1. Click on Create up in the black list at the the top (to the right of the Ungapped logo) and then select ”Event”
    create your event
  2. Name your event
  3. Fill in the event details. (The only mandatory event detail under Details is the event name.)
  4. Continue to Sign up form. Here you can choose between using Ungapped’s standard template, or creating your own sign up form.
    NOTE! The sign up form MUST have an email field (otherwise it’s not possible to send a confirmation mailing to the participant).
  5. Go to Confirmation mailing. Here you can choose between using Ungapped’s standard confirmation, or creating your own confirmation email.
    The same email template is used for:

    1. Confirmation to participants who accept your invitation/sign up
    2. Confirmation to guests who end up on the waiting list
    3. Cancellation confirmation to guests whose registration is canceled.

    It is only the text in these three emails that changes. So it’s just ONE mail template you use for all three confirmation emails.

  6. The event automatically gets an event page / landing page. If you don’t need a landing page (you might have a landing page of your own where you only want to insert the sign up form), go to Landing page and disable the landing page.
  7. Publish the event by clicking the turquoise PUBLISH-button in the upper left.
    Now the event can receive sign ups and you can send out invitations to the event.


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