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Use Google Fonts


Click on the right icon in the film above to watch the film in full screen.

  1. Open the survey- or maildraft where you want to use Google Fonts
  2. Go to Design in the right-column
  3. Choose Text, Headings or Buttons or a whole Section (for instance Pre-header or Footer) where you want to use Google Fonts
  4. Activate Use Google Fonts
  5. Click on the Choose and manage fonts-button
  6. Select the/those fonts you want to use.
    Some fonts can be customized, for exampel with italic or bold.
  7. Click on the turquoise Done-button when you’re done.
  8. Your selected font/s is now inserted into your survey/mailing and is ready to be used.
  9. Choose fallback fonts, ie a webfont that will be shown IF the mail client or browser doesn’t support Google fonts.
  10. Save.


  • Most mail clients have poor support for Google Fonts. (However, the Google Font is always displayed on the mailing’s web version, and on mobile phones.)
    Browsers, however, shouldn’t be a problem, so Google Fonts will work like a charms in surveys.
  • Many fonts used in a mailing/survey will make the mailing/survey heavier and can affect the loading time.


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