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Create round image (advanced)


Click the icon at the bottom right of the movie above to see the movie in full screen mode.

  1. Mark the image block
  2. Click on Edit in the right column
  3. (Optional: an image in an email rarely needs to be wider than 600 pixels, so first change the size of the image by clicking on Resize.
    When you’re done resizing – click on the Apply-button.)
  4. In order to make the image completely round the image must first be made square.
    If the image is not already square: click on Crop and make sure the width and height of the image are the same.
    When you are done – click on the Apply-button.
    (If the image is not square, the image will be elliptical instead of round.)
  5. Then click on Corners.
  6. Pull the Radius-slider to the far right.
    When you are – click on the Apply-button.
  7. Click on Save.
    Either you choose to save the new image as a new image, or to save over the original image.

There is also an easier way to make an image round »
(but you can’t “fine-tune”)


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