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Insert survey responses in an email


Survey Response block.

Create a “Thank you for your response” email that will be sent to the respondent after responding to your survey. In the email, use the “Survey response” block. This block contains dynamic settings that automatically include answers from the survey into the email.


NOTE! The prerequisite for it to be possible to send a confirmation to a respondent is that the survey is not anonymous.
(If the survey is anonymous, Ungapped does not know who the respondent is, and thus does not know to whom the confirmation should be sent.)

To prepare:
Create your survey and publish it first.

  1. Create a new e-mail message, which you design and edit as you wish and add block survey responses into the mailing.
    (Then you can save this email as a template, if you like.)
  2. Send this email sharply to a test list. The email should then be under the “Sent” tab under mailings.
  3. Now open the survey and link the survey to the confirmation email.
    Open surveys and select active -> click on the survey name, and the survey statistics are displayed -> now select edit at the top of the gray menu on the page. Now select settings in the right menu.
  4. Under menu General -> select and click “Send confirmation after submit“.
  5. Enter the confirmation email under “Mailing“.
    To select e-mail -> Click on “Choose” and in the window “Choose a mailing” click on the name of the e-mail and it will be uploaded automatically.
    (If the confirmation email is NOT sent sharply, you will not find it in the “Select mailing” list and will not be able to select it as a confirmation email.)
  6. Save.

You can now test that everything works as it should by answering the survey yourself and checking that the confirmation email is sent to your e-mail.

Remember to then delete your test result » Delete respons from survey


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