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Hide the design button and design settings


“Hide design” is included for those who have an Enterprise-subscription or have purchased this feature.
Do you also want the feature? Please contact us at a

FILM IS IN SWEDISH. Will be replaced with film in English soon.
NOTA BENE! The film has sound.
Click the icon at the bottom right to open the movie in full screen mode.

  1. Click on your own name at the bottom of the black left margin
  2. Click on the account name
  3. Go to Account Users
  4. Open the Roles and permissions-tab
  5. Create a new role and give the role a good name (or update an existing role)
  6. Set Design settings to “None” (you’ll find this at the bottom of the list)
  7. Click the “Save changes”-button at the bottom of the dialog.
  8. — Now that the role is created, assign the role to account users. —

  9. Switch to the Users-tab
  10. Give the correct account user this role by selecting the role from the roll-down list.

Hide design settings - create role.

Hide design settings - assign role to a user.


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