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Schedule emails


Sometimes you need an email at a time when it’s just not practical for you to be at the office pressing “Send”. Maybe it’s in the morning, in the middle of the night, to a different time zone or even during the holidays. Great news is it’s no problem to schedule your emails with Ungapped.

schedule a mailing

  1. Have your draft ready to be sent out. (IE preview the emails, make spam test, send test email, click on all links, choose which contact list/s the mailings should be sent to, choose category etc)
  2. Click Send at the right of the editor
  3. Select Schedule for later
  4. Select the day and time you want to send your email
  5. Press and hold to schedule
  6. You can now find your mailing under the Scheduled tab.

If you wish to abort a scheduled email you’ll find the email under the Scheduled tab.

You can have multiple emails scheduled at the same time and you do not need to be logged into Ungapped or even have your computer running while the email is sent out.


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